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Your course project will focus on a particular social movement that
has had an impact on American society. Examples of potential topics
include the Abolitionist (Anti-Slavery) Movement, the Civil Rights
Movement, the Women’s Rights Movement, the Environmental Movement, and
the Anti-Apartheid Movement.

This week you will submit the proposal for your course project. It should include the following components:

  1. Description of the social movement you have chosen, why you have
    chosen it, what you already know about it, and what you hope to learn
    through your research.
  2. One-page, double spaced.
  3. Title page that includes the working title for your project.
  4. Reference list with at least three scholarly sources about your
    topic. These scholarly sources should be articles or books obtained from
    the Rasmussen Library databases.

Be sure that the components to your paper are properly formatted in APA. You can find resources on APA formatting here.

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