​​Create a collage base on the elements and principles of design.

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Create a collage base on the elements and principles of design. The theme of the collage will be based on a family member, a hobby, or something special to you (or about you!). The goal is to thoughtfully use the visual elements and design principles.

This collage cannot be digital. You must create an actual paper collage and either scan it into your computer, or photograph the finished collage with a digital camera. You will also write a short essay explaining how the elements and principles were used.

Next, you will submit your assignment as a blog so that it can be shared with the rest of the class, in addition to the instructor.

1. Select three visual elements, and three design principles to use in the collage.

2. Glue photos, torn or cut pieces of paper onto a piece of 8 x 10 white poster board. See examples of collages online, and in the textbook if you need ideas. (Refer to the example in the attachment). Avoid leaving large areas of white space, it is best to cover most of the poster board.

3. Open a Word document and save it as “Art Appreciation Collage”. Insert the scan or digital photograph of the collage and right below list the elements and principles chosen (use a high-quality image of at least 200 dpi, or a photograph that accurately reflects your work). Define the term “composition” (in art). In several sentences, explain how you used each Visual Element, or Design Principle within the collage. It is not enough to mention the vocabulary – you must explain it within your work.

This assignment does not require special skills, you will work with basic materials such as scissors (tearing paper is fine too), glue, using paper from old magazines, newspapers, butcher paper or bulk mail. Make sure to keep your work area and collage clean, free of dirty smudges, or stains.

Glue the pieces in place, and move it to a well-lit area to photograph in the best possible light (no direct light to avoid reflections). Use a camera phone to photograph your work. Make sure the photo is sharp. If you don’t own a camera phone, ask for help from a classmate, friend, or family member. Upload the image to your computer.

4. Finally, comment to two classmates’ collage in terms of effectiveness (or not). Identify other visual elements if you see additional ones, and provide suggestions if you find helpful ones.


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