Criminal Justice Reading/Writing Assignment

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2-3 pages. Times new roman 12pt font. Double spaced. The answers for the essay questions will come from chapter 9 and 10 of the attached textbook. please include the textbook as a reference on the work cited page. APA format. I leave an 18% tip. Thanks!

1st part:

Using the proposed topic, write a series of questions that represent open-ended, closed-ended, matrix and contingency questions (15 questions minimum).

Topic:The high rate of African –Americans in the prison systems

part 2:

Essay questions:

1.Compare and contrast in-person interviews and telephone surveys in terms of the role of the researcher and the types of questions appropriate for each.

2. Identify the difference between the various roles of the observer in field research.Offer an example of a research scenario that would be appropriate for each.

3. Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of field research and survey research.Give specific attention to the topics of validity, reliability, and generalizability.

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