Criminal Justice Research paper Mass Shootings and how we can prevent them

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Criminal Justice Research paper Mass Shootings and how we can prevent them

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· America has faced massive shootings within schools as well as public places from the past till now, and it is one of the biggest concerns in the present day.

· Different root causes are responsible for the massive shooting in America, and some of the prominent causes include personal disputes between individuals with one, as well as unintentional killing (Metzl et al., 2021).

· Due to such massive shootings, more than 30,000 Americans, including males, females, and innocent children, lost their lives (Galea et al., 2018).

· The essay reflects on the negative consequences of massive shootings in America and the effective strategies, such as sensible gun laws, training, community healing, etc., that can be used to tackle this rising problem.

Approaches to tackle the crisis of massive shooting

· The first and foremost action that needs to be taken to prevent massive shootings is to implement specific gun laws. Such gun law ensures that kids and young adults cannot carry guns in public places (Swanson, 2018).

· Sensible gun laws also imply that individuals would not have an easy approach to arms, and anyone breaking such laws would be penalized heavily (Swanson, 2018).

· Secondly, training is considered to be an important strategy that helps in alleviating massive shootings. Through this strategy, the licensed owners would be given training on how to use guns and in what instances they are permitted to use those (Barry et al., 2018). This approach plays a significant role in minimizing the unintentional massive shootings in America.

· Community healing is another effective way of tackling massive shootings, as most individuals are involved in such illegal acts due to their conflicts. By employing community healing, the individual would be given counseling, which has a vital role in resolving conflicts without being involved in shootings and killings (Soni & Tekin, 2020).


· To conclude, massive shooting in America is a serious concern inflicting negative consequences on society as a whole. Different approaches, such as training licensed weapon owners, executing gun laws and providing healing therapies, help in preventing massive shootings and render these strategies effective.

· Thus, it is suggested that the policymakers and higher governmental authorities of the state take strict actions and implement the approaches as soon as they can to promote a healthy and safe community.


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