Crush Syndrome, health and medicine homework help

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I would like you to do a power point about Crush Syndrome and provide a brief description about each slide in Microsoft word. Slide should be about 15 to 20 slides

Important instructions:

-very brief points in the slides ( not detailed, the details should be written in the brief description for each slide in Microsoft word).

– Include pictures in each slide ( some slides may not need pics)

an outline for the slides:

1- What is Crush Syndrome?

2- Past events( disasters or mass casualty incidents) include Crush Syndrome

3- Pathophysiology of Crush Syndrome

4- Triage and identification of Crush Syndrome

5- Sign and symptoms

6- Causes of Crush Syndrome

7- Treatment management

8- References ( Sources must be scholarly or Official Sites Like edu, and Gov. )

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