CS 340 SNHU The Automatic Analysis & Categorization of Data Project

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README files are one way of documenting a development project. READMEs play an especially important role in open-source software, as they give the reader valuable information about the code you created. There is no standard README format. Much of the format depends on the scope of the software or project, so it’s really up to the developer what information should be included or provided. However, there are several elements that are part of good README files:

  • A description of the purpose of the project
  • A demonstration of how it works (its functional operations)
  • An identification of the tools used and a rationale for why those tools were chosen
  • An explanation of how to reproduce the project


This assignment provides you with some sample README files to explore and a README template. After you have reviewed the required documentation for creating a README file, you will learn about and implement best practices for creating your own README files.

  1. Explore the following example README files: Zircon, BigFoot Dash App, and Plotly Dash. These READMEs come from a variety of different software projects and have different strengths and weaknesses. As you read, consider the following:
    • How clearly did each README file describe the purpose of their project?
    • What information did the README files include about the functionality of their project? What was helpful about this information? What could be improved?
    • What information did the README files include about the tools (software and libraries) that they used or how the user could reproduce the project?
  2. After exploring the sample README files, begin creating your own README file for the CRUD Python module that you began creating in the Module Four milestone. Use the README template Word Document to get started. You must address each of the following:
    • Describe the purpose of the project by completing the About the Project and Motivation sections of the template.
    • Demonstrate the project’s functional operations by completing the Usage section. Be sure to include examples of your code and screenshots that show how your module works.
    • Document the tools used, identifying each tool and including your rationale for using these tools, by completing the Installation section. “Tools” include any software applications as well as any libraries used to complete your work.
    • Create instructions for reproducing the project by completing the Getting Started section. Discuss what the user of this CRUD Python module would need to do to get started. Some points to address are:
      • Briefly describe the database and user authentication that you set up in the Module Three milestone.
      • Briefly describe how you created the C and R portions of your Python module, any challenges you encountered, and how you overcame them.

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