Current Events Cafe and Rummie

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1. Plan to articulate the main ideas of the current events and relate it to the course. Post your
summary on the discussion thread.

2. Upload the article within your post on Canvas.

3. Choose a word that is related to this class.

4. Delve into it, ruminate, relate it to contemporary themes or your own life – this will be
considered a “Rummie” Post your reflections online with your current events cafe item. (The
Current Event and the Rummie can be related, but they don’t need to. Your choice.)


1. Christians Countering Anti-Muslim Rhetoric. This is a news item about an evangelical
Christian pastor, Rev. Josh Graves, in Memphis, TN who believes it is part of his religious
beliefs to counter anti-Muslim sentiments by creating a sense of community with local Muslims
who practice Islam. He partnered with other Christians to create dinners where Christians and
Muslims would gather around dinner tables and get to know each other, Building relationships
became a strategy to combat prejudice, and it worked.
This article and video from Religion and Ethics Newsweekly is related to our class because it
shows the value of interfaith dialogue and exploration of multiple views about religion to create a
better world.

2. Christians Counter Anti-Muslim Rhetoric (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

3. The Rummie I choose is Commitment
4. Commitment can be defined as “a promise to be loyal to someone or something.” In this case
I was impressed Rev. Josh Graves’ commitment to the teachings of Jesus and Christianity,
which inspired him to practice his beliefs and create peace in his community by bringing
Christians and Muslims together. The rummie “Commitment” inspires me to explore my own
commitments to my beliefs and reflect on how this leads to practice in the world for good.

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