Cuyamaca College Chart on CO2 Emission Discussion

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Since 97% of the experts accept and trust the evidence about Global Warming and it’s causes, it may not be fair, or representative to present the opinion of the other 3% as it was a 50% of the debate. To be fair we shouldn’t have a one to one debate about it, but a 97 to 3 debate. In the following comedy video, John Oliver explains the 97% consensus on human-caused global warming and the fallacy of media giving deniers equal weight with mainstream scientists.

To complete this assignment:

1- Find some information about Climate change you didn’t know and share your findings in the discussion board. (Statistics in value or infographic, written statement, graph, etc..).

2- Cite the source or sources from where you obtained the data shared.

Example of submission:

Example #1

Example #2

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