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Discussion response needed, needs to be a dialogue:

What integration issues do merging companies face?

tighter integration with business partners can deliver clear benefits.
This means that a company’s defense against attacks rests in part on the
security policies of partners and customers. For example, a large
company, has a policy in-place for their employees not to share
sensitive company documents over Web networks using peer-to-peer
software. But discover that on-site contractors routinely used this
software to review the same documents. Unless the issue is resolve
promptly the vender network become the weak link in cyber-security
(Kaplan, et al, 2011).

What techniques can a security professional use to ease cultural differences?

  • Perform a Cyber Security culture assessment on all parties involve.
  • From the Cyber Security culture assessment, Set Up a strategy for Strong Cyber Security
  • Implement managerial processes within Security Culture strategy.
  • Always have a Cyber Security response plan in place as a backup plan.
  • The
    IT professional will need to be proactive makes ll the difference for
    the plan to be successful and acceptable (Infinitive, 2016).

How would the security professional bring together both IT teams so they feel comfortable?

  • Learn from one another
  • Allow for Different Learning Styles
  • Make the Recap a Part of the Meeting
  • Involve the Quiet
  • Incorporate Humor (Valdellon, 2014).

One of the most “invisible” barriers to success is the feeling of other IT professionals or teams “loss of control”.

How can you ease fears and build a positive team?

  • Become
    a Positive Leader: Teams becomes more positive because they have a
    positive leader. Use the PERMA Model (MindTools, website, 2014).

    • Positive emotion.
    • Engagement.
    • Positive Relationships.
    • Meaning.
    • Accomplishment/achievement.
  • Removing
    Obstacles to Positivity Avoid start-and-stop progress which is
    dispiriting, and it can undermine team’s sense of motivation (MindTools,
    website, 2014).
  • Managing Positively: Teams understands purpose
    so create a mission and vision statements. Ensure team members’ goals
    are align with organization goals by using Management by Objectives.
    Keep the team inform to build trust (MindTools, website, 2014).
  • Reinforcing
    Positivity: build confidence in your team. If a team member who
    consistently thinks negatively, take action by addressing the issue
    immediately before it becomes contagious (MindTools, website, 2014).

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Needs to be atleast 250

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