Dante in our course

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, I would like you to use our study of Dante this semester to devise your own version of the Inferno. This is a relatively open assignment, and you have a few options: you can either use Dante’s existing framework and punishments to simply update it with some new characters (historical (alive or dead) and/or literary); or you can reorganize Dante’s structure the way that you want and/or you can change any of the punishments. You do not need to redo the entire thing, since it is quite extensive, but take some initiative. As your final blog post, take the time to describe your version of Hell, what you have chosen to add/change, and why. This will count as two blog posts. Everyone will bring their Inferno and briefly share the work they have done at our final exam meeting, in lieu of an actual exam. Extra credit (1 additional post) will be awarded for drawn illustrations provided and shared with the group.


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