Define an Institution (Essay)

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Institution GRADING SCHEME Due: Today 10:00 pm eastern time  (1 AND HALF TO 2 PAGES PLEASE)

What are the core beliefs of this institution? 

1)What social needs does it address? 

2)What statuses and roles are found in this institution and how do they support the beliefs of the institution? 

3)How does this institution work with other institutions? 

4)Do you think this institution is effective in its purpose? 

5)Why or why not? 

Reference page & In-text citation format: Include a reference page following APA guidelines, listing each in-text citation that you included in your paper on the final page, and entitling it References.

Style & Format: Typed, double-spaced, proof-read, spell-checked, correct tone, etc. Up to 10% off 

NOTE: (This College uses Turnitin in its Sakai platform to help educate students about and prevent instances of plagiarism) so please no take your time and no copying,thank you 


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