Dell Corporation EFE MATRIX, CPM MATRIX, and IFE Matrix with evaluations

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Using the Dell Corporation, complete the following
three-step process:

First, conduct an external assessment and complete both a
EFE MATRIX and a CPM MATRIX. Use the following five websites in conducting your

Second, conduct an internal assessment and complete an IFE
Matrix (Internal Factor Evaluation). Use the following documents, which may be
found Dell Corporations corporate website:

•Most current Form10K document

•Most current Annual Report

Then develop a well-written paper describing the findings
that you discovered by analyzing the data from the external assessment and from
the internal assessment. Present facts. Use some of the data in a graphical
display (chart, figure, table) to present information in a clear way. Use references
to substantiate your ideas or opinions. Insert the completed matrixes as
appendixes and reference them within the body of the paper according to APA

Must meet the following requirements:

•Be 2-3 pages in length

•Be formatted according to Masters Level APA guidelines

•Cite a minimum of three outside sources supporting your
ideas or opinions . 

•Include all required elements, including a reference page
and required appendixes.

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