descriptive essay

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For this assignment you will be writing a 500 words descriptive essay that includes an argument about a person, a place, a thing, or an event.

This essay must contain an introduction that engages the reader, presents a thesis statement that conveys your argument, and provides any necessary background information. From there, you will need a body that provides plenty of specific details including sensory language. Finally, you will need a conclusion that restates your thesis and looks to the future.

Remember to use transitions between paragraphs and ideas within paragraphs.

This paper must be presented with standard paper formatting expectations, which can be found in the START HERE section of Blackboard.

Examples of Descriptive Arguments:

Describe a person you look up to, arguing why he or she is a role model.

Describe all the positive aspects of a town or city that people don’t know much about in order to prove that it is underrated.

Describe an object you use every day, explaining why it is significant despite the fact that it seems very simple.

Describe an event you attended in the last year, showing why it was dull or life-changing.

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