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In Module 7, you submitted a workplace proposal that was based on your research paper from Module 6. Let’s assume that the person to whom you submitted your proposal now wants you to prepare a presentation for the company executives or board of directors. In this activity, you will be using the content from your research essay and your proposal to develop a presentation with both oral and visual elements.

If your proposal was intended to be submitted in an organization or company that doesn’t have executives or a board of directors, that’s fine. You’ll want to deliver your presentation to whomever the equivalent people are in the target organization.

Offer Your Initial Thoughts

For this discussion, you will prepare a rough draft of your presentation. As you make initial decisions about your presentation, consider the following questions:

  • To whom are you presenting your research and proposal? What do you know about them?
  • What key points does the audience need to see and hear to decide on the issue?
  • Given that narration is required, what format would be best for this audience and your purpose for presenting? Why?
  • What is the main idea you want to convey in the presentation? How will you introduce it?
  • What are the main points you want to include? How will you present them (for example, you might address one main point per slide in a PowerPoint with supporting points bulleted)
  • What supporting points will you include for each main point?
  • What sources will you cite and where?
  • How and where in the presentation will you use visual elements to engage your audience?
  • How and where in the presentation will you use an audio element?

After you’ve answered these questions, the next step is to choose a presentation method. You can use PowerPoint if you would like, but you are not restricted to that tool. If you think your audience would benefit from another presentation method, such as a narrated infographic or video, that is acceptable. Don’t be afraid to get creative with this project! If you are uncertain as to the best approach for your purpose and audience, reach out to your instructor for help.

The final draft of your presentation (due at the end of this week) will be seven to 10 minutes long and must include the following, irrespective of the presentation method you choose:

  • a title
  • an agenda or content overview
  • content that clearly articulates the problem, the solution, and any other pertinent information, including support from scholarly secondary sources, all of which will be drawn from your research essay and proposal
  • a summary at the end that includes the call to action upon which you want your audience to act
  • documentation of source material with in-text citations where needed and a corresponding references slide
  • appropriate visual elements (at least three), along with appropriate color, font, and background choices
  • narration throughout the presentation

Altogether, the presentation should have no more than 10-15 slides (or the equivalent amount of content in another format).

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