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You’re actually going to spend 2 units thinking about this issue since it has become such a complicated thing for Christians.  For now you’re going to focus on what it might look like to hold faith and to hold science together without worry that investigating scientific truth might unravel your faith.

Take some time to watch this video where Reed Metcalf, a Christian who reveres God and trusts science, explains how he harmonizes these two things.

Here’s the video: http://recordings.blindsidenetworks.com/oak/2b8f2b0c2e59855ce23a3784ce3de5286e947382-1418154425169/capture/ (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Answer: What did Reed say that settles, challenges, or expands your own questions about faith and science?  Be sure to indicate that you watched the video in its entirety and have thoroughly let it influence your own questions on this topic.


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