Discuss the different approaches of the federal government toward the Plains Indians

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 Exercise #1


Instructions: Provide a comprehensive response to the question(s) below. Be sure to draft your response in your own words (do not quote verbatim from the textbook).

Assignment Question(s)

Using a minimum of 150 words, address the following: use your own words please!!!!!!!!!!! and make sure everything is labeled as how it is on this paper.

16Discuss the different approaches of the federal government toward the Plains Indians.

16Exercise #2 How did the notion of the freedom of contract create opportunities and constraints on liberty?

17Excerise #3 Discuss the reasons why Americans were drawn to expansion in the late nineteenth century.

18Exercise #4 What were the origins and goals of the “new feminism”?

19Exercise #5 Discuss the reasons and the outcome of American intervention in Mexico.

19Exercise#6 Explain Woodrow Wilson’s vision for peace after World War I.

20Exercise #7 What role did race play in the fundamentalist orientation of conservative Americans in the 1920s?

21Exercise #8 How did the Roosevelt administration design Social Security?

22Exercise #9 How did women’s lives change during World War II?

22Exercise #10 Explain why the United States developed and deployed the atomic bomb during World War II.

23Exercise #11 Explain the emergency of the Truman Doctrine.

24Exercise #12 What distinguished President Eisenhower’s “Modern Republicanism” from his party’s policies in the past?

25Exercise #13 How did Lyndon B. Johnson make the Vietnam War his own?

26Exercise #14 How did the U.S. economy end up suffering both from inflation and high unemployment?

27Exercise #15 How did the United States get into the first Gulf War in 1991?

28Exercise #16 Explain the causes of the Great Recession.


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