Discuss the One Meridian Plaza Fire that took place feb 23 1991 in Philidelphia

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On Saturday, February 23, 1991, the Philadelphia Fire Department received an alarm for a fire in the 38-story high-rise One Meridian Plaza. This twelve alarm fire would take over 18 hours to control and take the life of three firefighters before the thirtieth floor sprinkler system stopped the vertical spread. This was just one in a series of high-rise incidents which demonstrated problems unique to these structures.

1. Considering all the problems noted in the technical reports, which do you believe to be the problem or problems that caused the most difficulties at this fire.

Then, considering the pressure reducing devices that are used in high-rises:

2. Discuss the issues firefighters had with these devices at One Meridian Plaza.

3. Be sure you also discuss the difference between pressure reducing valves and flow restricting devices and what you would do to ensure that these devices operate properly.

4. How can fire departments be prepared for these types of fire protection system issues?

Assignment Requirements

Your paper must be a minimum of two full APA formatted pages not counting the title page, abstract page and reference page.


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