Discussion #2

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Becca came to college and took classes for a year and a half. Not knowing what she wanted to major in, she didn’t do that well in her classes. Therefore, she decided to take a year off from college and work. Becca has been working as a bookkeeper for a printing company for one semester now. While she likes making money, she is still not satisfied and thinks that going back to college may be a good idea for her. However, she still has no clue of what career or major to choose. Becca is apprehensive about going back to college because she is so undecided.

Discussion Questions

1. What is Becca’s dilemma?

2. What suggestions could you give Becca?

3. What issues should Becca address before deciding whether or not to go back to school?

4. How can Becca come to a decision about college and work?

5. Where can Becca go for help?


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