Discussion ABOUT Trifles and A Doll House

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I need someone to respond to both questions below and should be between 250-300 words (separately). In your response, be sure to include reference to specific moments, language, and details from the story. In other words, be sure to include specific textual evidence.



1. Note the categorization of men and women along gender lines in Trifles. What reason does the play provide for the men’s inability to determine Mrs. Wright’s guilt and for the women’s ability to determine Mrs. Wright’s guilt?

2. Explain how Torvald’s attitude toward Nora in A Doll House is similar to the men’s attitudes toward women in Trifles. How do the assumptions that the men make about women in both plays contribute to the plays’ conflicts?

Moreover, I want you to respond meaningfully to TWO of my classmates’ posts, and those responses should be at least 100 words.

After I submit these 2 questions, I can send you my classmate’s posts.


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