discussion board AND reply post to classmate

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Post one initial post and one reply post to a classmate due at the end of Week 8.

Two bonus points are earned for posting both posts before Friday.
Post should be in your own words.Direct quotations should be no longer than 1.5 lines
No outside research is allowed. Use only content that is in the Module for Week 8 and the text.
Show understanding of the reading for Week 8 as you write your posts.
View the grading rubric in the upper right corner of the screen.

Initial post
In your opinion who is one person that you would term a “hero” or a “villain” in this week’s assignments. Make sure you give evidence from the Week 8 Module to back your conclusions.

Reply post
Write a reply to a classmate. Your post should show understanding of the student’s post and your knowledge of the reading for Week 8.


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