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Please answer question number 1 (minimum 175 words) and then reply to question number 2 (minimum of 175 words). Any information from sources needs to be referenced.

  1. What does research suggest about the outcomes for children with openly gay parents?

2. There are various ways for a same sex couple to have a child or children. Some ways are more difficult than others when same sex couples try to have a kid. According to the Moore’s text, there are four different ways for them to have children. The first way Moore mentioned was if in a prior relationship there was already a child born and they just brought that child into the new relationship. The second way is by adopting a child. Adopting a child for same sex couples is more difficult than it is for couples of different sexes. The third way it through the use of assisted reproductive technologies. With the introducing of new technology it makes it easier than it was before they had this technology for couples of the same sex to have a child. The fourth and final way that Moore mentioned in the text was by becoming a partner to someone who has already gone through one of the previous ways listed earlier of ways to obtain a child. It has become easier for people of the same sex to obtain a child while at the same time it is still a struggle and a hassle for them to have one.


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