Discussion Mod 4.2

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Part 1

Discussion: Discussion Techniques

As a K-12 ELA teacher, you will need to facilitate classroom discussion at different points during your daily lessons. There are a variety of techniques that can be used for this, and the best option tends to depend on the education level, the individual students, the particular lesson, and many other factors. Part of being an effective and successful teacher involves understanding these techniques, and being able to decide which will be the most effective for the given situation.

Main Response

For this discussion, begin by reading Chapter 4 of Wilhelm. Then develop a main response in which you:

  • Select a before, during, or after learning discussion technique that you would like to incorporate into your inquiry-based unit plan outline.
  • Summarize this technique, as you conceptualize it.
  • Explain why this technique would be effective in your inquiry-based unit plan.

Part 2

Discussion 4.2: Generalization Challenges

Explain generalization and the challenges of generalization faced by students with intellectual disabilities. Give an example of a generalization problem a student might have (not used in the textbook) that illustrates why teaching in a typical community setting is important.


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