Discussion question Affordable Care Act and US Finance

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Week 7 – ACA and US Finance

This week we continue to look focus on the management of health organizations finances. As we have all heard and learned about the ACA (Affordable Care Act) has changed the way that healthcare is both financed and delivered. It continues to change the landscape not only of the health care industry but the overall US Economy.

This week answer the following questions in a full discussion response:

How do ACA changes impact you as a healthcare finance manager?

  • Discuss one ACA provision and describe how it will impact healthcare finance.
  • Specifically, what financial statements are impacted and how?
  • If you could rewrite ACA, how would you change this provision given what you have learned about its impact on healthcare finance?

Ensure in your response you are utilizing financial and accounting information that you have learned in this course and others. While your own opinion and operational context is a great value it is also important to relate the legislation and what you would change to the financial health of an organization or to the industry not only to the individual patient or a non-financial indicator.


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