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Need a response to this discussion post. needs to include statistics, critical thinking, a probing question, and expand on the post. citatations required in APA format


I honestly did not know what I was going to write about until I read the article from David Forbes (2011) entitled “Toward a unified model of human motivation”. In this article, Forbes mentioned three aspects of the focus of aspiration; intrapsychic, instrumental and interpersonal. Forbes goes on to state these aspects of change are paired with 3 questions, or in my case statements, about how an individual would like to effect change within their lives. These questions are; “change in potential/expectation (I want to be or become a certain way), and change in outcomes/evaluation (I want to have certain types of results, attain certain outcomes)” (2011, p. 87). Once I read this I knew how I could answer the post as to how I can personally state how motivation and change are interrelated and mutually-determined.

As I have previously stated, I grew up in a housing development within the New York City Housing Authority; commonly referred to as the projects. When I grew up the projects were the cheapest housing around with free water, heat and electricity. One of the main drawbacks was the criminal element that often resided within these buildings. Drugs, homicide, rape and various acts of violence was the norm within these neighborhoods. I knew I was going to move out of this environment, but I did not have a plan as to how I was going to move. I finally moved out of the projects when I was nineteen, only to move back in three months later when my mother needed me to help her with my brothers. When I finally moved out, I found out that moving was the easiest part for all you needed was to change your address. What I know had to do was change my mindset; I had a project mentality; which means I felt more comfortable with people who had little to no hope about life. It’s a harsh but bitter truth. It was at this point in my life that motivation and change became intertwined, helping to bring about the lifestyle I earnestly desired.

My intrapsychic phase to change my life came about as I began to observe how people behaved who wanted more out of life. I thought people everywhere hung out until late at night even though they went to work in the morning. I soon realized that the more you wanted from life, the more work you needed to do to position yourself to be successful. In other words, I had to behave a certain way to acquire and maintain a certain standard of living. I could no longer hang out late at night or be satisfied working in menial jobs, living paycheck to paycheck if I was serious about buying a home or having a family. I had to come home at night, usually after work, like I seen the older people do in my residential neighborhood, so they could go to work on time the next morning. They also obtained the high paying jobs by going to college or obtaining a certain skill set that helped to pay for their lifestyle. This is thechange in potential/expectation (I want to be or become a certain way)” behavior I had to adopt.

My instrumental phase began when I was able to relinquish the “need” to obtain the small tangible material items that I desired, in example the latest fashion items that became popular each season. I had to realize these were detrimental items that I really couldn’t afford, ultimately causing a debt that I had to later pay at a higher price. So, my “change in process/experience (I want to do things, experience life, in a certain way)” came about when my debt prevented me from moving into a neighborhood I wanted to live in. Moving into a better neighborhood, once again became the motivation. I felt that I could effect this change by obtaining a more financially lucrative position within a job that I could retire from should I continue to stay with this employer. This period of my life was motivation to change my pattern of existence.

The last example that I want to elaborate on is the interpersonal aspect, this is where I began to seek a healthy and long-lasting relationship. To do this, I had to become less selfish, more considerate and honest in my dealings with others. This was a monumental task and one that took time to affect. Again, when my “change in outcomes/evaluation (I want to have certain types of results, attain certain outcomes)” came about when I became tired of limited, shallow and unfulfilled relationships. So, my motivation to change came about when I wanted to improve the quality of my relationships.

In each of these areas, I sought to improve not only my living situation but relationship status. I, ultimately, wanted to live a meaningful life instead of “existing”. I also wanted to be happy within my own self, something I didn’t see a lot of from certain adult role models. This was the impetus to change many things about my life, even to this very day.


Forbes, D. L. (2011). Toward a unified model of human motivation. Review of General Psychology, 15(2), 85-98.


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