Drawing Analysis

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Write an analysis of each drawing/painting, addressing both formal and conceptual or narrative aspects, and the differences between the paintings ( color, composition, use of material, idea ). When we speak of formal aspects, we are referring to composition, material, mark-making, color, layering of the colors, paint handling, edge, detail, gesture, how the painting or drawing was made, etc. Be specific – we have discussed all of the format elements of drawing and painting during class. When we speak of narrative or conceptual aspects, we are referring to the story, the idea, why the painting or drawing was made, what we believe the artist is trying to communicate, how the drawing or painting makes us feel. In other words, describe the drawing or painting!. Make sure to include the artist’s name, the name of the drawing or painting you are describing, the material used, the size of the drawing or painting, and what year the drawing or painting was made, and include where and when the artist lived.

(Please find attached photos of 2 paintings, these I want to analyse about).



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