Dss 100 presntation 3

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You will be required to develop a persuasive presentation on the controversial political or social issue you wrote about in your Expository Essay 2. You must discuss this issue from the perspective of Bronfenbrenner’s theory. The 5 key systems are microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem, and chronosystem. Each of the key system has own roles in shaping and developing the individual and his/her views about a particular social issue.

You must research arguments on both sides of the social issue you chose to analyze and you must persuasively argue one side. While doing so, employ Bronfenbrenner’s theory to support your argument to support your stance on the issue. As you argue, please incorporate relevant statistics, research and other data to support your arguments.

This should not be an opinion presentation, but should be presented as a persuasive presentation in third-person format, using fact-based arguments.

Below are 3 brief examples of scholarly articles that employ Bronfenbrenner’s theory to analyze a social issue. These give you an idea as to how the theory should be applied to your presentation. Please note that you must proceed with a similar analysis in more detail pertaining to your chosen social issue, while persuading the audience – the class – of one side of the controversial social issue under discussion.

Example 1: Child Labor in People’s Republic of China: An ecological system analysis

This article was written about the increasing problem of child labor in China and the risk factor that was related to the ecological theory (Liao & Hong, 2010). The chronosystem that leads to increase of child labor is that usage of child labor has a long history in China. Therefore, it is normal for child labor to be used in China since it is like a tradition that was bring pass down by the ancestors. The cultural values of obedience and filial can be explain in the context of macrosystem that leads to the usage of child labor. It is stated that a lot of child labor is used to help their family in the family business. They will fell that they are not filial if they do not help up their family business. For the context of exosystem, local government that ignores the problem when it comes in contact with business and money (Liao & Hong, 2010). Lack of access to proper schooling is in between the context of mesosystem. Child that grow up in under privilege area do not have chance to have proper education and the way of earning money is by working as child labor. Family poverty (microsystem) contributes to the problem of child labor, as child labor is a way of earning income of the family.

Example 2: Substance abuse among Asian American youth: An ecological system analysis

The purpose of the article is to review how the five key system of Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Theory influence or curb substance abuse of young Asian American (Hong, Huang, Sabri & Kim, 2010). Age, race, gender and genetics play a big role in influencing on the individuals that have substance abuse. For instance, individuals whom parent is a drug addict are most likely to become a drug addict as well as they were brought up in that environment. They were likely to influenced by their peers as well. Besides that, low academic achievement of the individuals will more likely to be a substance abuser. The stress they are facing will leads them to take some substance that will temporary help them forget the problem they are facing. Cultural influences exposed the danger of substance abused to young Asian Americans. Some cultures have strong drinking histories and this leads them to have alcohol abuse. This proves that environment does a big part in developing the individual.

Example 3: Understanding suicide among sexual minority youth in America: An ecological system analysis

The author researched on risk factor of suicide among the sexual minority youth through Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Theory (Hong, Espelage, & Kral, 2011). The minority being researched on are heterosexual youth and homosexual youth. Homosexual youth are more likely to commit suicide as compared to heterosexual youth (Hong, et.al. 2011). This is because of the five key systems that affect their decision on committing suicide. The rejection parent falls under the context of microsystem. The most crucial thing for youth is the approval and support from parent. Lack of interaction between youth-teacher and youth-peer is in the context of mesosystem. Teacher sometimes promote negative interaction between youth-peer as they own have discrimination towards homosexual youth. As for exosystem, the rejection of parent may lead to destruction of parent-child relationship as their distance between each other become further and further. The macrosystem is the cultural views on homosexual. Homosexual is views as wrongdoings and they will reject homosexual youth. Youth that are physically, verbally and sexually abused helps in promoting suicidal thoughts among the youth (Hong, et. Al. 2011). When all five key systems begin to act on the youth, the thought of suicide becomes stronger than ever and youth will choose to commit suicide so they can escape from all the rejection that they are facing.

  • The goal of this presentation is to persuade your audience of your argument.
  • Students should cite Chapter 8 of the iBook, along with whatever relevant sources they used in their paper
  • This presentation should be scientific in nature, meaning that students may not use personal examples and anecdotes
  • The presentation must be recorded on your iPad and the video must be submitted to Canvas
  • Content Main Ideas:
    • 8: The self is influenced by a set of intersecting sociocultural systems.

In case you are experiencing a technical difficulty, you must submit these to the instructor via email to prove timely submission while you contact IT to work out Canvas-related difficulties. Items then must be submitted via Canvas to be assessed. Submission via email will serve only as proof of timely completion but will not be assessed until the items are uploaded to Canvas.

  • PowerPoint slide presentation following the presentation guidelines above;
  • Formal and Speaking Outlines (samples posted on Canvas Modules – Sample Formal and Speaking Outline).
  • You are also responsible for recording this presentation and upload to Canvas under Video Upload (Assignments) to be considered for full credit.

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