Dynamic Skill Theory

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Written Assignment

Written Assignment

If We Knew Then What We Know Now…

It is unlikely that you were familiar with all of the theorists presented in this module before you started this course. Which one set of theories, or particular theorist, was new to you?

Summarize the key elements of her or his point of view.

Explain how exposure to this theory or theorist has changed your ways or thinking or knowing by giving an example of your learning which now seems different.

To the best of you knowledge, will your actions and behavior be any different as a result of this exposure? Or not? Explain how it might generalize to other experiences, or, alternatively, just become an interesting footnote.

Be sure to cite your sources carefully, and in APA style.

Reference:  Noddings, N. (2004). Philosophy of education. Boulder, CO: Westview Press.

And what ever other references you need

500 words is good


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