Eastern Illinois University Summarize the Scientific Claims Around Covid 19 Questions

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The recent Covid-19 pandemic provides an illustrative example of claims-making, counter claims-making, and non-problematicity. In this last assignment, I’d like you to apply these concepts to the pandemic, probing in particular the question of how non-problematicity delegitimizes social problems. Please write three (3) full, double-space pages for this assignment. If you’re concise, that should give you enough space to do the following:

  1. Drawing on legitimate sources from the Internet, summarize the scientific claims around Covid-19 (how is it spread, how we prevent it, etc.)
  2. Using sources from the Internet (news articles, opinion pieces, etc.), explore some of the counter claims made about the disease and apply the concept of non-problematicity to the pandemic
  3. One of the central arguments made by sociologists is that power (social, economic, political) has a lot to do with whose claims end up getting accepted and legitimized. In the case of the pandemic, whose claims do you think are winning and why?

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