Eclectic analysis of a film score cue/ 6 pages paper/ movie chosen: AVATAR (2009)– MUSIC THEORY KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED

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Eclectic analysis of a film score cue(s),

******6-page Paper******

In order to do an Eclectic analysis of the film score you have to understand what it is and how to do an eclectic analysis. In order to know that, read the attached document “An Eclectic Methodology for Analyzing Film Music”.

The Methodological levels are –

  • Preview
  • Historical and cultutral context
  • Syntax
  • Sound-in-filmic-time
  • Musical and filmic codes
  • Textural analysis
  • The filmic world

((They are all explained on the attached document))

There is an Entire Example of how exactly the Eclectic Analysis should be made. The form and order of levels. You Must read and follow it ((attachment under “The Natural-Sadoff Analysis.pdf”))

The film I chose was Avatar, so you have to read all the documents first, and then you can choose the film score CUE, and obviously watch the movie to choose what cue you want and reference accordingly.- meaning it’s not the entire film score. Just a cue.

-You must include score pictures on the analysis paper

-You must have some -music theory knowledge to do this paper

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