ecology research paper about didymosphenia gaminate

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Hello I need someone to write me my ecology research paper about the invasive species ” Didymosphenia gaminate” . This research paper has to be an ecology research paper, and follow the ecology citation rules. I have attached 4 documentations. ” Literature Searching and Citations Guidelines (1).doc” shows you how to search for the articles and how to do an ecology citation. “Paper Outline Guidelines.doc” is the paper guidelines, and” research Paper and Presentation Guidelines (1).docx” has more information about the paper, however, please ignore the information about the presentation. finally i have also attached “articles. Rusul Rasheed.pdf” where i paraphrazed 3 articles and I have their cititation done too, you can use it for the paper too.

overall, the paper has to be 8-10 pages about invasive species “Didymosphenia gaminate“, such as the ecosystem they live in and their side effect, how they become invasive, and whats its origin, and other stuff mentioned in the guidelines. please please make sure to follow the guidline, I am failing in this class and this paper is my last hope. If you have any questions let me know

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