ECON ECC Monetary Policy Inflation Rates & Financial Intermediaries Questions

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1. What is the Federal Reserve doing in response to higher inflation rates? Please discuss and list some policies implemented in 2022?
2. Discuss the role of the financial intermediaries?
3. What is the monetary policy?
4. Discuss the differences between direct finance and indirect finance?
5. ___________ are bonds denominated in euro and sold in the U.S.
a. Foreign Bond b. Eurobond c. Eurodollars d. Eurocurrencies
6. Define the adverse selection and moral hazard? Bring example of each.
7. What are the main functions of money? Bring example of each.
8. Given the following number, find the values of M1 and M2?
– Currency = $500 – Mutual funds = $700 – Eurodollars = $400 – Saving accounts = $150
– Checking accounts= $120

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