edit work and well orgnize

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in my previous work I did not do well..

In my assignment II must argue about why if we does not have student affair how it negatively impact the student and the institution,,

so I found services,

what I need to use some of the services and argue , why if we does not have it it cause problems……..with the examples.

I attached with many artcles or you can come what you have.

for example, students affairs deal academic advising. write about it little bit. then write if we do not have it. the retention rate will high. there is no graduation.

then use other functional area, and provide what will happen if we do not have……..ets.

I need these in 7 pages. cover pages and question and introduction not will include in the seven pages.

then. we will add the diversity stuff which deal with the engagegement. so my essay will be complete.

avoid plagirisim.

I attached my previous work so you know the mistakes


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