Edits on Politcal Science essay

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hey my professor put his input on it. My friend and i did edit it a little but i just need help fixing the errors.

like the first sentence he underlined it, it should be changed.

Then the next(2nd) sentence ” HR 2646, a bill that supports families in mental health crises, provides treatments and care to severely mental ill people” that could be inputed instead of whats there.

The third sentence i guess doesn’t make sense, he has question marks around that one, for the 4th sentence he asks if American Mental Health is a company so we need to specify what that is. he also says the 4th sentence doesn’t make any sense. cause hr 2646 is a bill.

The start of the 2nd paragraph he is confused on ” proposed position” so we should change that too. those next 2 paragraphs need sources he says.

keep the part where it says “editorial board”. thats the file of the bill i already sent you. The next paragraph with no errors is good.

Then fix the 2nd to last paragraph where it says “no it is not, because it is not the ACA??” so i guess its not an example of the ACA.


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