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I need five power point slides with speaker notes(10 total) for the introduction( 5 slides) and my topic(5 slides). The topic is electrical Intensive Care unit (electronic ICU). This information needs to be in APA format with the last slide as a reference slide. I also need pictures and color in the slides as well.

-Introduce the technology & the team (electrical ICU) 5 slides with speaker notes.

i.Title Slide should identify the assigned technology.

ii. Provide an introduction:

1.Describe the technology

2. Purpose for the technology in healthcare.

3. Establish the professional tone for the presentation.

-Controversy/Issues/Challenges/Regulatory implications (5 slides with speaker notes)

i.How might issues surrounding the chosen technology be addressed/solved?

ii.Provide statically significant data or evidence to support your findings.

-One slide with references in APA format.( 1 slide)


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