Elementary Education Discussion Post

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To prepare

Review this week’s Learning Resources, paying particular attention to Chapters 1–2 in Furco and Billig (2002) and the media. Consider Furco and Billig’s definition of service learning and the requirements needed to transform service to service learning. You may also wish to revisit Wade (2000) from the Week 3 Learning Resources to further review the difference between service and service learning.

Post a summary of your thinking including the following:

  • At least one experience you have had that points to the difference between volunteerism and service learning, including any elements of service learning that differentiate it from volunteerism in this experience
  • An explanation of how service learning as learner-centered instruction may increase student engagement, including your observations about how learner-centered principles may inform service learning efforts.
  • An example from your investigation that highlights the differences between volunteerism and service learning. Provide one or more examples from the videos assigned as part of this week’s Learning Resources.

Use resources attached from: Furco, A., & Billig, S. H. (Eds.) (2002). Service learning: The essence of the pedagogy. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. (Chapters 1 & 2)



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