English 120 Midterm Essay no fear shakespeare macbeth

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English 120: Midterm Essay Questions

: Choose ONE of the following questions and answer it in essay form
in your blue book.
Make sure you have an introduction with a thesis, body paragraphs with clear
topic sentences, and a conclusion where you summarize your key points.
(Also, highlight the quotes* and
notes you will use)
*Successful midterms utilize direct quotes from the text.

1. Is Macbeth a villain? Does he have a conscience? What are his admirable
qualities if he has any?

2. Do you sympathize with Macbeth? Why or why not? Does his downfall
evoke pity and terror?

3. What are the forces that determine Macbeth’s destiny? To what degree are
the witches responsible for Macbeth’s downfall? What roles do fate and
free will play in Macbeth’s destruction?

5. How does Shakespeare use the play to comment on gender roles?
(Consider the characters of Lady Macbeth, Lady Macduff, and/or the
witches. Include any other references to femininity/womanliness and
masculinity/manliness to support your point.)


Please make this essay 3 page long only I need to rewrite it in class. Make another page for work cite. Highlight the quotes you’re going to use. I need to be able to read it and rewrite it in class so don’t make it so hard.


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