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Notes of Figures of speech (from an essay)


List of requirements for the notes( find the source of all of them):


1.    Authors name: write the name and biography of the person


2.    Literary references: write the source (where did the author found it)( and explain what does it mean.


3.    Quotations: Laphams makes a lot of quotations (just copy them and find the source of it) (the source means the origin of that quote like where did Laphams found it)


4.    Paraphrases: explain the same


5.    Laphams Figures of Speech: metaphors, etc. (and find the source)




STRUCTURE of the paper:






1.     Maria antoniette: she is blab la bla


2.     ….


3.     …..


4.     ….




MAKE ALL THE NOTES THAT YOU CAN FIND (Authors name, Literary references, Quotations, Paraphrases, and Laphams Figures of Speech).


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