Essay: “Access + Ability “ at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

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The show examines the range of functional, life-enhancing products in the show that were made with and by people with a wide range of physical, cognitive, and sensory abilities.


  1. Five pages, typed, double spaced, no more than 12 pt type
  2. Choose four objects or inventions in the show to write about in depth. Following links are the 4 objects:

  1. Begin your discussion of each object by introducing the designer, then describe the object and what barrier that object addresses
  2. Research your objects at home. Your paper must have at least 3 outside sources that you’ve quoted and footnoted (using Chicago Manual of Style formatting).
  3. End your discussion of each object by discussing how it succeeds — or fails to succeed — at providing an innovative solution.
  4. Finally, answer the question: What does this exhibition teach us about innovation and the design process? Please conclude by contemplating how designing for human diversity can unlock more meaningful experiences for each of us and produce better technologies for all of us.
  5. Is there a design object or device that you would like to see on the market that doesn’t exist yet? Go ahead and reach, propose something that seems impossible

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