Essay; around 1500 words (plus work cited section)

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1. The End of Privacy?

1.1 What does scholarly research have to say about the power of the internet and other media to erode or eliminate personal privacy?

1.2 Who is invading our privacy? Is it corporations, government, other people, or ourselves?

1.3 How are the European Union (EU) rules protecting personal privacy different than the rules in the US? How is this impacting internet companies like Google and Facebook?

1.4 You predict along with the experts: What types of privacy are most endangered in the years ahead? What can we (as individuals or as a larger society) do about it?

Paper into six segments:

A. Introduction

B. Answer to Question 1

C. Answer to Question 2

D. Answer to Question 3

E. Answer to Question 4

F. Conclusion

Find credible sources to research answers. Cite sources, MLA style. Be sure to use full MLA-style citation information in works cited section.

Length: Around 1500 words (plus works cited section)

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