Ethical Paper on Genetic Testing of Embryos

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  1. Write a six page essay in which you analyze the ethical issues involved in the genetic testing of embryos, called preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).  After reading the provided articles, evaluate whether the testing and discarding of fertilized human embryos before implantation in a woman is morally acceptable.  In the essay, provide a synopsis of your overall ethical perspective, clearly explain your reasoning in regards to these particular issues, and be internally consistent.  In reaching your conclusion, be sure to include answers to these questions:
  • Does eliminating the presence of genetically transferred diseases morally override the sanctity of a fertilized embryo, or is discarding diseased embryos an immoral form of abortion?
  • Does society have a moral responsibility to test and discard embryos proven to be infected with fatal genetic diseases for the sake of society’s future health?  
  • Is it morally acceptable to allow testing and discarding of fertilized embryos found to carry non-fatal problems such as deafness, dwarfism, or for determining gender?
  • Is it morally acceptable if the expense of PGD restricts its use to wealthy members of society, so that genetically transferred diseases are only found among the poor, or should PGD be subsidized financially by our society so it is available to all, regardless of income?

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