Ethical vs. Unethical Partnerships

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The health department in a poor community with major dental health
care needs is invited by a local fast food restaurant to be a partner on
a dental health project. The restaurant, with support from its soda
vendor, proposes to donate $1,50,000 a year to a free health department
dental clinic. In exchange, the restaurant only wants to have its name
and the name of the soda listed in very small print on the health
department educational material on dental health that is distributed to
the community. Two health department officials, including the
nutritionist directing the obesity program, believe such a partnership
is unethical. What would you advise the health commissioner?

In your 4 response, include a discussion on: the key
issues from the perspective of the health department officials (i.e.,
vulnerable populations, community relationships), who are the
stakeholders (who has a stake in the decision), and what would you
propose (justify your proposal) and develop a recommendation for the
health commissioner. What would the decision be? What are the reasons
for their decisions that they would provide the public?

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