ethics at a medium sized law enforcement agency

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You are a supervisor commanding a shift at a medium sized law enforcement agency. Officer Ted Jones has been with the agency for the last sixteen years. Officer Jones is also a homosexual that hangs out at a gay bar on his own time. The fact is known around the office about this. Your agency runs two man patrol units with assigned partners, and Jones has recently been assigned to partner with Officer James Davis. Davis has come to you, asking me to assign him another partner because of Officer Jones’ sexual preferences. Though you tolerate Ted being a homosexual, you secretly hate gay people, and want to hurt them. While you are considering this, another officer comes to you to tell you that there has been a shooting involving two of your officers. There was a raid at a gay bar, and Ted has been injured. Officer James went into the bar, and is now barricaded inside and exchanging gun fire with several of the gay patrons. The department has set up communications with the bar owner, and has requested a trained hostage negotiator from another department who won’t arrive for 30 minutes. As the chief, you are asked to come to the scene. When you arrive, you are given the phone to talk to the bar owner. The bar owner says that Officer James came in the bar to get Ted, saying that they had to go on a call. Ted was kissing another man, Bill, and James became agitated went to Ted and grabbed his hand and said let’s go! Bill slapped James, and James pulled his gun. Ted quickly stepped in front of Bill and James shot him in the leg. Three other patrons pulled Bill away and they are now behind the bar shooting at James. Ted is on the floor and bleeding. You ask the bar owner if Bill will talk to you and Bill says angrily, no, ____ the police! By now your team has surrounded the building and can use force to rush the bar. If you do, you can probably save Ted, but you are sure others will die and that would be fine with you since most are gay. If you wait for the hostage negotiator, Ted may die, but there is a possibility that everyone else will survive. What will you do? What ethical theory or theories supports your decision?

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