evaluate how effective Bryan Stevenson arguments are

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600 word rough draft needed on Wednesday 10/10

full 800 words due on Monday 10/15


• “Surely Doomed” by Bryan Stevenson from Just Mercy
• “Cruel and Unusual Punishment” by Bryan Stevenson from Just MercyWriting Arguments, Ch. 13: “Evaluation and Ethical Arguments”

Writing Task

Prompt: In an essay, evaluate how effective Bryan Stevenson’s argument that death row prisoners are “doomed” and experience “cruel and unusual punishment” is by considering his use of ethos, pathos, and logos.

The essay must be 800 words, typed, single-spaced, 12-pt font Times New Roman, and one-inch margins.
An online submission via Canvas is mandatory. Your essay must be in MLA format and have a works-cited page.

For this assignment, you will need to understand how Stevenson constructs his argument and how his argument affects his intended audience. For example, you should analyze his thesis, purpose, and methods by looking closely at the construction of the chapters read.

As you consider the structure of his argument, take some time to consider what he chose to tell you in the chapters. How do these details help his argument? How do these details hurt his argument?

In order to properly analyze Stevenson’s chapters you should also consider his use of ethos, pathos, and logos. You will have to look at the text closely and analyze his use of language, structure, and content.

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Develop a complex thesis statement which answers the above question.
  2. You should develop each point of your thesis statement in the body of your essay.
  3. The questions you answered for your homework should serve as a starting point for your roughdraft.
  4. The organization of your essay will be very important; please refer to Chapter 13.
  5. As you develop your rough draft, make a list of what you felt were the strongest points of hisargument.
  6. Remember that in order to do a rhetorical analysis of his text you will need to collect quotes thateffectively support your evaluation of the argument.

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