“Evaluating the Claim That ‘Boys Are Hardwired to Be Different from Girls.”

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TMA 04This TMA counts as 40% of the continuous assessment.To pass the module, you must achieve a score of at least 40 both in the ‘overall continuous assessment score’ (OCAS including TMA 04) and in TMA 04 by itself. The OCAS is the weighted average of the TMA scores.Students will be given a resubmission opportunity for TMA 04 if they achieve 40 overall (OCAS) but less than 40 on this assignment.Word limit: 2500 words (not including your learning journals)Cut-off date: 25 May 2017.Pleae note: There will be no extensions allowed for TMA 04 so please ensure that you are able to submit your final assignment by the cut-off date. Students who meet the requirements for resubmission will be given the opportunity to resubmit an improved TMA 04, following feedback, in September 2017 [re-submission cut-off date will be confirmed nearer the time but likely to be 13 September 2017].The results for TMA 04 will only be released after the Assessment Board has met.Important: These pages provide guidance on how to write your assignment. Please ensure you read all of this guidance information right through to the end.Additional support and guidance including advice on plagiarism, referencing and the marking system can be found in the Assessment Guide.Please do consult your tutor if you are unsure about anything related to assessment as a failure to comply with relevant guidance could result in the loss of marks or penalties.There are two parts to this TMA, both of which must be submitted. On the following pages you will find guidance on how to complete each of the different parts of this assignment. Two whole study weeks are allocated to completing it.Part 1: Essay plan and essayDrawing on material from both the Reader and online materials in weeks 5, 24 and 25, evaluate whether the statement ‘Boys are hardwired to be different to girls’ is true.Essay plan word limit: 500 words.Essay word limit: 2000 words.100 per cent of the mark.


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