Factors Affecting Vulnerability and Assessment of Needs, writing homework help

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This week’s second discussion forum will focus on two selected groups:

  • Vulnerable mothers and children
  • People affected by alcohol and substance abuse

Review the video segments titled “Premature Babies: Risks and Costs”
(Vulnerable Mothers and Children group) and “Social Cost of Alcohol
Abuse” (People Affected by Alcohol and Substance Abuse group) through
the Films On Demand database or in the textbook. For each segment,
identify two- to- three specific factors from Chapter 2 (e.g., age,
gender, culture, ethnicity, education, and income) that are present. How
do these factors relate to the person’s vulnerability? Based on these
factors, identify the health care needs that can be inferred for each
group and discuss what approach (es) to care from Chapter 4 (i.e.,
preventive, treatment, or long term) might help address them.  

Your initial contribution should be 250 to 300 words in length. Your
research and claims must be supported by a minimum of two scholarly
sources beyond your course text.  Use proper APA formatting for in-text
citations and references


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