failure to comply with a medication or therapy should be grounds for involuntary commitment at the mentally ill

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one page essay answering the above question. Part 2

1. The 1996 decision to deny SSI and DI benefits to addicts reflect a
belief that they should assume personal responsibility for their
disability. Can you think of other situations for which the cause of a
disability might be used to deny coverage (i.e. to enforce personal, as
opposed to collective, responsibility?

2. Why do you think the language of the ADA extends protections to
people who are “regarded” as having a disability? How would you
determine whether someone who is regarded as having a disability merits
ADA protections?

3. Disability is a cause of early retirement as well as unemployment
in mid- to late life. Consider the relationship between disability and
race. How do you think people of color are affected by increases in the
age of eligibility for Social Security retirement benefits?

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