FBA Interview

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During the course of your educational journey, you will encounter students who exhibit behavior that impedes the teaching/learning process. After trying unsuccessful strategies, a functional behavior assessment (FBA) may be necessary. The primary goal of the FBA is to identify the purpose for the behavior. One important data collection tool used in the FBA process is the Functional Assessment Interview (FAI). An example of a completed FAI is included in the Oneill et al. text.

You will read the student scenario and complete the provided FAI form. Each section of the form must be thoroughly completed using professional terminology and address the student scenario presented. To assist you with this assignment, review your text and the grading rubric provided.

The Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) Interview must be submitted in Blackboard and LiveText in order to receive credit for the work. This assignment must be submittedby 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday


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