feedback and questions 1

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A. Based on That video You have to give them feedback on their writing.

1. In Friedman’s assessment that the world is flat through globalisation, I do agree with his perspective on how the world has shrunk in size over centuries. the reason I agree with him is that with the new world of technology and always staying connected, it has made the world more competitive and more saturated with so many markets. Before it was harder to tap into different markets, now in the 21st century, I feel like the United States are way behind with the some many things versus other continents like Asia and Europe. As we are continuing to grow, individuals are becoming innovators, which I believe is a great thing,

2. In essence, Friedman discusses the impact of globalization on how complex and interconnected the world has become. I wholeheartedly agree that due to the globalization of countries and companies, it has provided an opportunity for individuals to also become a part of this complex structure in this age. Basically, what I gathered was that “The World is Flat” means the world is being equal to everyone. Everyone receives the same opportunities to expand and grow themselves and their business through innovation and creativity. Everything has become dependent on each other on a global scale. It is true. There are many US companies that outsource or bring in employees from other countries on H1 work visas. Not only that, competition between markets has become global with companies in China competing against companies in America (especially with the rising tariffs). Individuals from various countries can work together to bring along new changes to the world.

3. What I got from the video ” The World Is flat” is that in the business world everything is connecting. What I mean by that is we are slowly all becoming one within the industry. He says it is getting smaller and smaller in the different errors and its true. So that expression “small world” that seems so realistic isn’t just an expression anymore. In our error technology is bringing all different parts of the world together. It all makes sense. I don’t believe he literally thinks the world is flat but he believes that we are all coming together.

Now you have to give feedback regards to their writing with examples. Choose any 2 From 1-3 (5 complete sentences will be fine) individually

No plagiarism,citation or references will allow.

B. How do you think an understanding of organizational behavior (OB) might contribute to your ability to manage others effectively?

C. Do you think it is possible to reliably construct good emotions and moods in people? Why or why not? Do you think the personalities of business people may be more alike than different?

D. Using what you have learned about Porter’s Five Forces, choose a product from the following list and perform a Porter’s Five Forces Analysis:

  • Desktop Computer
  • Address Book
  • Walkman
  • VHS Player
  • Polaroid Camera
  • Telephone
  • Textbook

Feel free to use the attached Porter’s Five Forces template for your assignment. Review the following videos prior to completing your assignment

No plagiarism,citation or references will allow.

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