Feminism Paper

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read a game through the critical lens of feminism using Mulvey and Sarkeesian’s work, as well as your own research. The is open to intersectionalism

Must relate to a game

Expectations for Written Work( 4 pages double spaces MLA)

The idea of the writing assignments, and writing in general, is to think carefully by doing so through a medium. Here are some guidelines on how I’ll be grading papers, including what I’m looking for.

Your first paragraph is your position on it, but that isn’t how the meat of the paper starts. Responses start by summarizing the source material’s argument: “Mulvey is saying ‘X.’”

Then you evaluate that argument. This isn’t taking a position on it, yet. You’re just noting the rhetorical devices.

Then go back to the position you stated in the first paragraph. Support that with data and research, and talk about how you’ve experienced these concepts in your life (primarily as a gamer).

Following this structure, or utilizing it outside of this example layout, will help you to earn a B grade, with A’s the dividends for exceptional work.

Failing to meet these writing goals represents unsatisfactory work, most likely a C. Other issues will hurt your grade, including grammatical errors.

I’ll talk a little about these, since “grammatical error” covers a lot of ground. Some dangling prepositions or failures to indent are problems, and will be taken into consideration. They won’t ruin your grade. On the other hand, syntactical errors, repeated use of the wrong word, mistakes of that caliber, will disqualify your paper for consideration.


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