field trip

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for this assignment follow the instructions

Field Trip

  • Write a one page report after visiting a religious site (Christian, Jewish, or Muslim religions site) during the semester. Summarize the overall experience by providing both a description of the experience and your reflection on the experience.
  • Report needs to include your name, date, title of the course.
  • Attach a photo of a man at the site and include a handout/brochure from the site.
  • Suggested Local Religious Sites:
    • St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church
    • Islamic Center-The High Desert
    • Holy Family Catholic Church
    • St. Benedict Religious Ed Center
    • New Vision Center Church of Religious Science
    • Islamic Center (Rowland Heights)
    • Temple Learning Center (San Bernardino)
    • Jehovah’s Witnesses (Twin Peaks)
  • Suggested Non-local Religious Sites:
    • Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

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